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  • Shifting is not smoothly.

    Answer : Adjust the high and low screws of the Derailleur and check the tightness of the shift cable and adjust it to the best suitable situation.
  • The chain hits the freewheel and the chain falls

    Answer 1:Chain is too loose.
    Answer 2: Check if the crank and flywheel are on the same level. If not, need adjust it.
  • Swing or deviates from the center while riding

    Answer 1: Check whether the wheels are twisted or deformed.
    Answer 2: Check whether the fixing nut of the handlebar is loose.
    Answer 3: Check if the front fork is deformed.
    Answer 4: Check if the front wheel are aligned.
  • Big noise while riding

    Answer 1: Check the chain, disc brake and crank if have collision or scraping.
    Answer 2:Check if the freewheel is loose or get damage.
    Answer 3:Check whether the front wheel and motor bearings are damaged or loose
  • Oil brake failure or brake distance is too long for the hydraulic brakes e-bike

    Answer 1:Check the oil pipe and disc brake to see if have oil leakage, if yes, need replace the oil pipe or disc brake.
    Answer 2:Check if the oil pressure is enough, if not need replenish some oil.
  • Headlights / taillights are not on.

    Answer 1:Check whether the two ends of the lamp line plug-in are in bad contact, and whether the positive and negative poles are connected in reverse
    Answer 2:Replace or butt the headlights.
    Answer 3:Check battery rear light whether battery loss/bad contact.
  • Feelings of stopping, slowing down and weakness from time to time while riding.

    Answer 1:Motor wire contact is not good, replace the motor wire
    Answer 2:  Motor Hall power failure brake lever have bad contact:  replace brake lever
  • Short driving range after the battery is fully charged.

    Answer 1: Motor part short circuit: need replace or repair the motor.
    Answer 2: Pls replace a controller to test if it is the controller problem, if it is ok, so it is controller problem.
    Answer 3: Pls check if the charger output voltage is low or the battery is not fully charged: replace the charger.
    Answer 4: The Battery aging: need change new battery.
  • Short driving distance

    Answer 1: if you ebike is not use long time,so need first charging it full. 
    Answer 2: Pls check if the tire have enough air, if not pls put in some air. 
    Answer 3: Check if the brakes are too tight and rub the discs/rims: pls adjust the brakes to suitable situation.
    Answer 4: Check if the temperature is too low: If the temperature is too cold, then the battery cannot release the energy full.
  • Hard riding, slow speed.

    Answer 1:Please check if the brake is locking.
    Answer 2:  Please check if the tyre have enough air.
    Answer 3 pls check if the battery voltage is enough.

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